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There are 2 types of notice available to landlords to end a tenancy.

This depends upon the situation they find themselves in:

Section 21 Notice – “No Fault Eviction”

The section 21 notice is a very procedural route.  Provided a tenant has been served with the right documents (ie a tenancy agreement, gas safety certificates, energy performance certificate, how to rent checklist and deposit documentation) a section 21 notice can be issued giving the tenant 2 months to move out of the property.

If any of these documents have not been served already, it may be possible to serve them first and then serve the section 21 notice.  We will review the situation with you before serving the notice.

Section 8 Notice – “Fault Based Eviction”

If the tenant has broken any terms of the tenancy agreement then a section 8 notice can be served.  The most common types of breaches of the agreement are rent arrears and anti-social behaviour.

If there is a breach of the agreement the notice will either allow Court eviction proceedings to be issued immediately, after 14 days or after 2 months depending upon the seriousness of the situation.  The most common complaint is non-payment of rent, which requires 14 days notice to be given to the tenant first.

The section 8 route is not a procedural as the section 21 route, but we still need to ensure that the correct form and timescales are followed to ensure the smooth running of the process.

Please contact us to discuss the situation that you find yourself in and we can then advise upon the quickest and safest route to ensure that you regain possession of your property as soon as possible.